Avoid Serious Accidents

Sadly too many accidents are reported everyday on the UK’s busy road networks, one of the most common accidents are caused when another driver breaks down on the hard shoulder of a motorway and another driver who is unaware drives into the rear end of the broken down vehicle causing serious injury or death in most cases due to the high speeds.

In 2016 it was reported that over 24,610 rood traffic accidents occurred within the UK alone, out of those road traffic accidents 181,348 casualties suffered and many of them were fatalities. Making other drivers aware of your breakdown as quickly as possible means we can reduce the number of accidents involving breakdowns or stops on motorways and side roads. Sign Safe 4 U have developed a new innovative system which can be deployed in seconds to make other road users more aware that your vehicle is parked.

Blind Veterans UK Project

Fitting Your Sign

In the event of a roadside breakdown or unscheduled stop at the roadside either on an A road or busy Motorway, it’s important that we let other road users know as quickly as possible, and in all cases every second counts. With Sign Safe 4 U newly developed patent pending fitting system, this now takes just seconds whatever the situation.

On Motorways traffic is mostly constant throughout the day and night, so it’s no surprise that another driver who is not paying full attention or possibly tired might not realise you have stopped, with our quick fitting sign which is at eye level and of high visibility will demonstrate clearly that you have stopped and they must keep right or left of your vehicle dependent on which side of the road you have stopped.