Mandatory School Bus Sign

Mandatory School Bus Sign


Mandatory School Bus Signs

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Mandatory School Bus Signs are ideal for any bus or coach companies who service school children, thee signs are mandatory for al buss and coach companies to display. Many bus and coach companies have found older installations to be easily removed by passengers which then incurs a fine. Our signs are innovative detachable safety signs fitted on the outside of the vehicle so that passengers cannot interfere with its installation.   The signs visibility has an increased level due to its placement position. This location of the sign can be seen further away giving drivers / pedestrians advance warning that children are on board. Class RA2 reflective signs is a motorway standard product which increases the reflection to approaching vehicles.  Triangles cannot be used on a motorway due to being dangerous if blown into oncoming traffic. Sign Safe 4 U signs are not placed on the road surface and are not magnetic nor fitted with suction cups.  The sturdy product is  fixed to commercial vehicles and can withstand adverse weather conditions and high winds from passing vehicles.  Signs are deployed in under 10 seconds through their ability to be attached / detached  by its  unique rapid fitment method. The visibility is therefore  increased to oncoming traffic / pedestrians giving an early advance warning. This product removes a trip hazard as it is placed on the rear of the vehicle. Signs are interchangeable to suit customer needs and various sizes can be fitted. Additionally you may also purchase our interchangeable sign to warn other road users in the event of a breakdown.

Available Sizes:

300mm x 300mm

350mm x 350mm

400mm x 400mm

450mm x 450mm

500mm x 500mm

550mm x 550mm

600mm x 600mm

Bespoke sizes can be made upon request.

United Kingdom Patent Pending Application No 1701588.4


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