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Caravan & Motor Home Safety Signs

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Caravan & Motor Home Safety Signs UK

Roads in the North of England are a definite hot-spot for accidents involving caravans, trailers and other towed vehicles, statistic figures reveal.

The majority of the 893 incidents happened during the spring and summer months, when holidaymakers hitch up their caravans to travel around the northern region of the UK.

The North of England had the second highest rate of accidents, behind the most popular holiday destination the South West.

Highways Agency officials are asking people to be more diligent when setting off on a caravan journey ahead of peak accident season, with a new campaign called Fit to Tow.

Highways Agency Service delivery manager Andy Withington said: “Over Easter many people will be hitching up their caravans and trailers for the first time since autumn, so we’re asking them to take time to ensure they’re fit to tow before going on the road.

“Incidents involving towed vehicles will always cause long delays for other road users as well as distress for anyone that is directly involved.”

In 2013, there were 5,480 incidents involving caravans and trailers on motorways and major A­ roads alone! More than 4,000 of these incidents  ( almost 75% ) happened between April and September.

During autumn and winter, 1.4% of all incidents involved caravans and trailers. During spring and summer, this increases to 2.6%.

As many of us who use caravans or motor homes know, stopping off can be a dangerous situation and not always can we find a perfectly safe location to do so, especially when we encounter scenarios like a breakdown or flat tyre.

With Safe Sign 4 U we now have the option to add a new safety sign which is rear mounted with excellent view from eye level. The sign can be deployed within seconds of stopping which increases the safety of you and your vehicle by warning other road users that you have stopped to avoid a rear end collision.

The safety sign system is interchangeable so you can place either a warning triangle, keep left or keep right sign.

From experience I am more than aware of how dangerous a breakdown on any road can be, because of this  I asked Sign Safe 4 U to fit one of their sign systems to my camper van.  I can safely say that I am more than impressed, I fitted the sign at the roadside and was amazed that I was able to deploy it in seconds therefore able to move to a safe area very quickly

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14th November 2017


B. A. Buddle





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