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Lives Inspire Our Passion

Steve King and his wife Debbie King made a decision to set up on their own, with a vision to increase safety with a simple yet extremely effective detachable road safety sign that is quick to attach to your vehicle. The safety sign raises the level of visibility to all on coming traffic and pedestrians.  Having been on road networks driving everyday through my military and civilian career for 30 years I have gained a lot of knowledge and witnessed a lot of terrifying accidents and near misses. Recognizing this as a life changing experience to those who were injured and to the families of those who were killed, I wondered how this could have been so easily avoided for those who had suffered due to breaking down or stopping at the roadside.

Having seen so many vehicles that had been rear ended on the motorway, not to mention all other road types, the standard warning triangle just didn’t seem to be enough warning to other road users, and worst still in adverse weather conditions, this is where Sign Safe 4 U was developed. I spent many long nights designing signs that could be seen at a greater distance and that could be deployed in seconds as every second counts, especially on motorways. We eventually developed a Unique Innovative Detachable Safety Sign with its new method of attachment. For use with HGV’S, Coaches, Buses, Vans, Motorhomes,
and even Caravans. Whilst on breakdowns or work stops, roadwork’s and maintenance works. United Kingdom Patent Pending Application No 1701588.4 www.signsafe4u.co.uk


Meet Our Core Team Members

We are a dedicated team who are here to help you make informed decisions on which products best suit your needs.

Steve King
Steve KingManaging Director
I am the Managing Director and inventor of the patent pending Sign Safe system, consistently looking for new and innovative ways to improve roadside safety.
Debbie King
Debbie KingManaging Director
Debbie King Managing Director and wife of Steve King, consistently looking for new and innovative ways to improve roadside safety.

Recent Works

Below are just a few of our most recent installations to company vehicles who take the safety of their employees, customers and general public to another level.




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